Friday, August 29, 2014

Books by Ivelin Stanchev

Food Carving Flowers
The Complete Step-by-Step Guide with Pictures

Available Worldwide in Amazon Kindle & Google Play Stores

About the Book

This book is all about learning to carve flowers from variety of vegetables and fruit. It includes the complete step-by-step guide and techniques with photographs. The book is carefully designed for easy learning and is perfectly suited for beginners and intermediates. Also, it contains some tips and tricks for carving and shows what knives and tools to use. The book includes 17 types of flowers, all famous and popular in carving and purposely chosen for great effect and display - chrysanthemum, anthurium, rose, carnation, acorus, dahlia, frangipani, gerbera daisy, lotus, artichoke, sunflower, marsh flower, water lily, cactus flower, wild rose, butterfly flower and damask rose.

Flowers are simple and very easy to carve. Vegetables and fruit give us the best material for centrepieces, particularly for buffets or display settings. Flowers create massive impact when seen and always grab attention. Learn with ease by following the steps in the book and soon create your own masterpiece.

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